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Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) is one of annual IFSA events that involves forestry students in the regions to discuss regional topics and promote the effectiveness of medical marijuana doctors IFSA work regionally in the future. The first meeting was originated as Asia Regional Meeting (ARM). In 2013, two regions in IFSA (Asia and Oceania) merged together to form Asia-Pacific region. The first of Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting was held in Kookmin University Seoul, South Korea. The second meeting was held in University of Kyoto Japan and the next APRM-2017 will be held in Bogor Agricultural University Indonesia. It is such a great honor to organize APRM in Indonesia.

The theme of APRM-2017 is Forest Value Towards Sustainable Development Goals. It is dedicated to one of United Nation’s missions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, we consider the global issues to be concerned specifically related to forestry such as land degradation, energy crisis, global warming and climate change. We aim to increase knowledge and interest of students towards the issues in order to achieve a sustainable future and to face it particularly in Asia-Pacific region.

Event Highlights

Bogor Agricultural University (May, 15th 2017)

Opening Ceremony of APRM-2017 and all participants will be welcomed to Bogor Agricultural University. Lectures will be delivered on this day as well. All participants will also have a lunch time together and will go on a campus tour. At the end of the day, participants will have  barbeque party along with the committees.

Gunung Walat University Forest (May, 16th 2017)

New day, all participants will be heading to Gunung Walat University Forest in Sukabumi West Java. The journey to GWUF will take approximately 3 – 4 hours from Bogor Agricultural best essay help University. Participants are expected to learn and understand the materials that will be attained at GWUF.

Gunung Walat University Forest (May, 17th 2017)

Another day at Gunung Walat UF, on the afternoon, all participants will be heading back to Bogor Agricultural University.

Global Landscape Forum (GLF) (May 18th 2017)

This day, all participants along with committee will be joining the GLF: Peatlands Matter at JS and Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center, Jakarta.

Bogor Botanical Garden (May, 19th 2017)

This day, all participants will be visiting Bogor Botanical Garden. The participants are expected to take a full look and grasp all knowledge they can get from the place.

Cultural Village Sindang Barang (May, 20th 2017)

All participants along with committee are ready to be leaving for Cultural Village Sindang Barang to experience Sundanese Cultural Events. In the afternoon, all will be heading back to Bogor Agricultural University to prepare for cultural night and Closing Ceremony of APRM-2017.

Free Time (May, 21st 2017)

The last day of APRM-2017 sequences. All participants have a vacant time and will be ready to check out.


Main Events

During the event, there will be forestry-related public lectures. The Public lectures will be delivered by the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Lecturer of Faculty of Forestry Bogor Agricultural University, and several keynote speakers in the field of forestry and environment. It aims to improve the understanding and comprehension of the participants towards Indonesian forestry sector related to the theme of APRM-2017, Forest Value Towards Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants will have an academic presentation and discussions. Each Local Committees will do a presentation (paper or research) related to sub themes of APRM-2017 and will be delivered to the audiences and lecturers of Faculty of Forestry Bogor Agricultural University.

Field Trip
All participants will be invited to exciting field trips in various ecological attractions, outdoor activities that will be held at Gunung Walat University Forest. Participants can observe directly to management activities such as planning, conservation, agroforestry, silviculture and forest products utilization. The participants are encouraged to do a full exploration in order to understand GWUF management as the implementation of forest sciences.

Cultural Night
A splendid cultural night will be arranged to see the performance and experience of other cultures, presented by each Local Committees Asia-Pacific region.

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