Call for Paper


According to Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2017 that will be held at Bogor Agricultural University,Indonesia on May, 15th – 21 th 2017. Hereby, We inform you the themes for the paper as the required submission on being the Delegates. Please choose one of our subthemes for your paper, which are:

  • Forest Utilization: Developing Forestry Based Industry by Utilizing Timber and Non-Timber Forest Product
  • Community Forest: Community Interaction in Forestry to Increase the Forest Value and Community Welfare
  • Forest Resources and Energy: Alternative Renewable Energy to Reduce Climate Change Impacts
  • Reducing Climate Change: Forest Ecosystem Role Towards Climate Change
Additional notes:
  • All LC’s paper will be presented on APRM 2017 using Powerpoint application, so make sure to make an interactive presentation based on your paper
  • All presentation schedules (LC’s name, theme, presenting time) will be updated in our APRM 2017 event’s list
  • Please send your paper to our e-mail on on 8th -15th March 2017 in format: Paper_LC’s name_Nation_University. Ex: Paper_IFSALCIPB_Indonesia_BogorAgriculturalUniversity. The document is submitted in pdf and word
  • One paper can only be authored by a maximum of 4 persons. Therefore if you want to send 5 delegations, you need to make 2 papers.
  • There are no maximum limitations on delegations from a LC
If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. Good luck on preparing your papers!
For the brief format of paper please kindly download here : Paper Format APRM 2017