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  • Fieldtrip to Cultural Village: Sindang Barang


    The last visit of The 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting was to Sindang Barang Cultural Village, Bogor (19/05). After breakfast, delegates, exchange students of IPB along with the committee went to Sindang Barang Village Culture at 08.00 am The journey took an hour from IPB Dramaga Campus to Sindang Barang Cultural Village. Participants arrived at 09.00am. […]

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  • Getting a sensation of tropical rain forest model in Bogor Botanical Garden


    Written by: Mahtuf Ikhsan Bogor botanical garden is a quite huge garden with 87 ha area which is managed by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Indonesian : Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia  or LIPI). The garden is located in the city center and adjoint the presidential palace compound of istana bogor. Bogor botanical garden contains 13,983 different […]

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  • Global Landscape Forum (GLF): Peatlands Matter


    Written by: Annisa Diva Putri M. The fourth day of Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting 2017  joined a visit to Global Landscape Forum (GLF): Peatlands Matter, at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia (18/05). This international event was attended by 425 national and international delegates, including APRM 2017 delegates. The Global Landscape Forum (GLF) 2017 has a major theme […]

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  • Forest Value Towards Sustainable Development Goals


    Written by: Annisa Diva Putri M. The General lecture was held on Monday (15/5) at Andi Hakim Nasution Auditorium, Bogor Agricultural University followed by 51 delegates from Asia-Pacific countries; Philippines, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia. The APRM 2017 organized by IFSA LC-IPB (IFSA Local Committee, Faculty of Forestry IPB) and PInK (Pusat Informasi […]

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  • Calling The Spirit of Asia-Pacific to APRM 2017 Indonesia


    Written by : Mahtuf Ikhsan Getting along with the tropical rain rainforest as well as the bright sun and beautiful birdsong combining the splash of freshwater, Indonesia is ready to make the Asia Pacific charming again. IFSA (International Forestry Student Association) Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) is being hosted in Bogor, Indonesia and the organizing […]