Field Trip of APRM 2017 to Gunung Walat Educational Forest (GWEF)


Written by: Annisa Diva Putri M.

On the second and third day of Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting 2017, all delegates along with official committee went to fieldtrip at Gunung Walat Education Forest, Sukabumi, West Java, (16/5). GWEF is an educational forest that has an area of ± 359 ha which is managed by the Faculty of Forestry Bogor Agricultural University and Forest Training Center / Training Center for Forestry (BLK) Bogor. The GWEF is often used as a field laboratory and research place for both domestically and internationally. The condition in GWEF which is considered to be the right place to describe the diversity of tree species in Indonesia, especially Java island, the APRM 2017 committee have chosen this place as one of the locations for the international event venues.

The journey to GWEF started at 08.00 am and took 4 hours by bus from Bogor Agricultural University, Dramaga Campus. On this activity followed by 51 participants and 10 APRM 2017 committee.

The activities at HPGW included: introduction of GWEF, demonstration of tree sap wetting, visiting warehouse, workshop, bonfire party, and fieldtrip to Cipeureu Village.

The introduction of GWEF was delivered by the GWEF supervisor, Dr. Ir. Tatang Tiryana, M. Sc as well as a Lecturer of Forest Management Department, Faculty of Forestry IPB. He explained the background or the formation of GWEF, vision and mission as well as various activities conducted by GWEF as a research forest site.

During the visit to GWEF participants were invited to see and practice tapping of pine sap and agathis. Wiretapping activities were demonstrated by GWEF officers and then participants were also given the opportunity to try wiretapping on the spot. Furthermore, participants were invited to see how to harvest palm trees and ended with a visit to the sap storage warehouse produced by GWEF such as gondorukem, copal and others.

After the rest, at night, there was a workshop session led by IFSA (International Forestry Students’ Association) World Representatives as well as Regional Representatives from IFSA Asia-Pacific. The workshop was sessioned with presentation activities of APRM 2019 host candidates and ice breaking. The second day ended with a bonfire party while enjoying Indonesian cuisines (boiled sweet potatoes, roasted corn, and secang water). Official committee and participants took benefit of this moment to get to know each others.

On the second day, the participants went a visit to Cipereu Village. This village is a community area adjacent to the GWEF area. Before starting the trip the participants had warm up guided by one of the committee. On the way the participants were also introduced to various types of plants in the forest education and through various agricultural areas in the village. Arriving at the Village Cipereu, participants were then invited to see the making of bamboo mats and tasting the product from the palm tree. On the way back to GWEF, participants visited one of the caves in the village. With the security equipment, participants one by one entered the cave and took pictures. The activities at the GWEF were closed with a lunch session and continued with preparations to go back to IPB Dramaga Campus.

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