Fieldtrip to Cultural Village: Sindang Barang


The last visit of The 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting was to Sindang Barang Cultural Village, Bogor (19/05). After breakfast, delegates, exchange students of IPB along with the committee went to Sindang Barang Village Culture at 08.00 am The journey took an hour from IPB Dramaga Campus to Sindang Barang Cultural Village. Participants arrived at 09.00am.

Arriving at Sindang Barang Cultural Village, all participants were welcomed by angklung gubrak traditional west java culture in the front of entrance gate of Sindang Barang Cultural Village. Participants who saw the welcoming attraction was very amazed and felt curious about the traditional musical instruments. The participants were directed towards the huge saung, and welcomed by the Sindang Barang Cultural Village officers. Participants had the opportunity to learn Angklung, Angklung gubrak, Jaipong, and some other traditional games. The participants seemed very much enthusiast in learning angklung. After learning it, participants played the instrument of the Birds of Birds and Bald-hunted humps by the Sindang Barang Cultural Village patrons, Mr. Lukman.

The second session, the participants witnessed the jaipong dance performance. Then they were divided into two big groups between men and women, it aimed to facilitate them in learning other arts. After being divided into two groups, they directed to the yard to learn Angklung gubrak, traditional games such as chopsticks and pencak silat, while female participants remain in saung and learned jaipong dance, made batik, and keris from woven. The activities were running alternately between male and female participants. At 12.00 pm the participants took rest at Saung and got a typical sundanese lunch provided by Sindang Barang Cultural Village.

Before leaving, the participants went to buy souvenirs of angklung in the area of Sindang Barang Cultural Village. After leaving the Sindang Barang Cultural Village, participants invited to visit the market of PGB (Bogor Wholesale Center) to buy souvenir.


The delegation arrived at the IPB Campus at 17.30 pm. International Night and Closing Ceremony of APRM 2017 were held at 7.00 pm in Sylva Pertamina Building. The event began with the opening of the MC and followed by a report submission by Project Officer of APRM 2017, Tomi Ardiansyah, and closing speech from President of IFSA LC-IPB, Ari Bima Putra, IGTV (IFSA goes to village) video playback, country performances, country stand visits, and another video playback of APRM activities. International Night and Closing Ceremony finished at 10.30 pm.


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