Getting a sensation of tropical rain forest model in Bogor Botanical Garden


Written by: Mahtuf Ikhsan

Bogor botanical garden is a quite huge garden with 87 ha area which is managed by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Indonesian : Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia  or LIPI). The garden is located in the city center and adjoint the presidential palace compound of istana bogor. Bogor botanical garden contains 13,983 different kinds  of trees and plants of various origin. Founded in 1817 by the order of the government of the Dutch East Indies, the Garden thrived under the leadership of many renowned botanists including Johannes Elias Teijsmann, Rudolph Herman Christiaan Carel Scheffer, and Melchior Treub. Since its foundation, Bogor Botanical garden has served as a major research center for agriculture and horticulture. It is the oldest botanical garden in Southeast Asia.

After having a breakfast, the delegates was going to the bus at 7 am in the morning.  They arrived at Bogor Botanical Garden at 9 am and doing a registration soon. The activities is continued to the introduction of various tropical plants in the area. The OC and tour guide helped the delegates to know about kind of tropical trees like meranti (Shorea sp.), palm, madagascar trees, Ficus sp., and etc. The delegated were very happy to learn about tropical trees in the area. They also took a photo when see a good spot of natural situation. It is terminated with lunch and Friday  time at 11.30 am until 1 pm.


After taking a break,  the OC held a traditional game playing. They played balap karung (sack racing), balap kelereng (marbles racing), estafet balok (relay beam) ,makan kerupuk (crackers eating), tuang paku ke botol (putting  nail into the bottle). These activities continued to the awarding time for the best group that won the game. At 4 pm, the OC and delegates are leaving Bogor Botanical Garden to search for souvenir arount the market in Bogor city. Finally, they were going back again to IPB campus at 5 pm after having some refreshments.

In the evening time, there was an IFSA general meeting to vote the host for 2019 APRM. And then, through some discussion was running by the delegates,we give our congratulations to South Korea with LC Chungnam National University (CNU) be the host for APRM 2019. Thank you for everyone that has participated in this 5th day of APRM 2017.

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