Global Landscape Forum (GLF): Peatlands Matter


Written by: Annisa Diva Putri M.

The fourth day of Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting 2017  joined a visit to Global Landscape Forum (GLF): Peatlands Matter, at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia (18/05). This international event was attended by 425 national and international delegates, including APRM 2017 delegates. The Global Landscape Forum (GLF) 2017 has a major theme “Peatlands Matter” which being an effort to build a shared perspective of local and global to participate on positive action towards forestry especially peatlands management in all over the world.

The event opened with a welcome speech from CIFOR Director General Peter Holmgren as he was explained about the importance of local communities’ role in achieving the sustainability of forest landscapes, especially peatlands.

The event #ThinkLandscape also includes experience sharing sessions from local communities, Emmanuella Shinta, Founder of Ranu Welum Foundation, she was a lady from Dayak Kalimantan who fought with the RWF community in protecting the forest and had physical experiences dealing with land fires in her area, Kalimantan since 20 years ago.


GLF: Peatlands Matter is punctuated by a talk show hosted by Justin Lee, an Australian forest activist. He said that the importance of government regulations, multi-stakeholder cooperations such as government, private and community to the sustainability of peat forests were necessary.

After the lunch sessions together all GLF delegates continued with discussion sessions on environmental and forestry topics. The event was held in several separate rooms with each different speakers.

The last session was APRM 2017: Youth and peatlands which was moderated by Ivanna Febrissa, Alumni of Faculty of Forestry IPB. At this session attended by two speakers. The first speaker was Terry Sunderland. He said that the bias landscape approach differs, depending on individuals in terms of landscapes, the most important is understanding and determining in positive action on peatlands. We must be able to think critically in handling environmental problems. GLF is our platform in starting real action for a better world. This session was followed by the second speaker, John Colmey, Director Communications CIFOR. He said that the role of youth is to implement the agenda of SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). Together with GLF, he hopes youth can together participate in developing forestry in the future.

The next session was coming from Hutan Itu Indonesia, Leoni Aurora. Hutan Itu Indonesia has challenges in increasing palm oil production without reducing efforts to preserve forests, reducing deforestation, and protecting biodiversity. Aurora said that the best way to protect forests is to work together.

The last session of Global Landscape Forum was by a delegation group discussion session. On this session, the APRM 2017 delegates were encouraged to discuss about their forestry issues, especially about peatlands in their own country and explained the best solution to the problems.

The Global Landscape Forum was ended with a photo session, Committee, APRM 2017 delegates with CIFOR’s General Director, Peter Holmgren. The APRM delegation along with all committee returned to Bogor.

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