Here are several informations :

Personal Items

The things you need to bring

  1. Umbrella, bring a folded one since it’s more convenient.
  2. Cellphone/smartphone. You can buy local SIM card if you need it (there’s free Wifi at the lodging, but at a limited speed and range). Please contact your LO if you need it.
  3. Raincoat, it’s optional if you have an umbrella. But please do bring a raincover for your bagpack.
  4. Personal medicines
  5. Shower stuff (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.). Please bring your own hairdryer.
  6. Outdoor shoes, please bring shoes that won’t slip in slippery road
  7. Casual shoes, for general lectures, discussion
  8. Slipper (optional)
  9. Jacket (optional)
  10. Personal tumbler for drinking
  11. Stuffs to sell during Auction Night
  12. Foods or beverages for food stand on Saturday, May 20th 2017
  13. Outdoor trouser, 2-3 are recommended
  14. Formal clothes for Opening Ceremony
  15. At least 1 laptop/Local Committee
  16. To fulfill the Cultural Night, please bring your traditional costume or traditional items
  17. Backpack
  18. Cap/Hat
  19. Mosquito repellant
  20. Sun block (optional)

Banned Items

Please ensure your bags do not contain any of the prohibited items

  1. Any kind of alcohol, it’s illegal to drink it here
  2. Sharp weapons and harmful things
  3. Wear excessive jewelry
  4. Condoms, seriously.
  5. Cigarettes (including electric cigarette) and vape pen

Tips and Informations about Indonesia

Please concern about these informations below

  1. The electric voltage in Bogor is 220V
  2. The time zone in Bogor is GMT+7
  3. Bogor is infamous with its sudden rain coming out from nowhere, hence the nickname ‘City of Rain’. It’s also infamous for its traffic jam!
  4. Talking about rain, nowadays it’s usually raining around noon.
  5. Do NOT drink the water from any water tap, it is not safe!
  6. The majority of Indonesians are Muslims, they do not eat pork.
  7. Muslims prays 5 times a day: around 4.30 AM, around noon (12-ish), around 3 PM, around 6 PM, and around 7 PM. Please do not be surprised if the local mosque are noisy with the prayer call during those time.
  8. Since Muslims need to pray very early in the morning, they are used to wake up in the morning. Hence, activities which started at 7 AM are considered as normal.

Typical Asian Toilet

  1. After using the toilet, please do NOT throw anything into the toilet or it will jam the toilet.
  2. Throw away your toilet paper into trash bin (inside or outside the room).

How to take a shower

  1. Bring your shower stuff, bath towel, and clothes to the bathroom
  2. Enter the bathroom, then open the water tap (do NOT drink it!)
  3. Take your clothes off
  4. DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER VESSEL, its not a bathtub!
  5. Use the water dipper to take the water from water vessel
  6. Bath as long as you like (or until the water ran out)
  7. After bath, dry your body with your bath towel
  8. Close the water tap
  9. Put your clothes on
  10. Exit the bathroom, bring your shower stuff, bath towel, and your clothes