Public Participants

Due to The APRM 2017, we would like to inform you several things about the Public Participants throughout Asia Pacific Region who interested in joining the APRM 2017 in Indonesia

Important Dates

  • Call for abstract: January, 25th 2017 – February, 28th 2017
  • Abstract Submission: February, 1st 2017 – February, 28th 2017
  • Registration: February, 1st 2017 – February, 28th 2017
  • Application Announcement: March, 6th 2017
  • Fee Payment: March, 29th 2017 – April, 9th 2017

If you are interested to be the public participants for APRM 2017, you will need to :

Make an abstract. One abstract can only be authored by 1 person. Please choose one of the following themes :

  • Forest Utilization: Developing Forestry Based Industry by Utilizing Timber and Non-Timber Forest Product
  • Community Forest: Community Interaction in Forestry to Increase the Forest Value and Community Welfare
  • Forest Resources and Energy: Alternative Renewable Energy to Reduce Climate Change Impacts
  • Reducing Climate Change: Forest Ecosystem Role Towards Climate Change
Additional notes:
  • Please send your abstract to our e-mail on on 1st- 28th February 2017 in format: Abstract_LC’s name_Nation_University. Ex: Abstract_IFSALCIPB_Indonesia_BogorAgriculturalUniversity. The document is submitted in pdf and word
  • One abstract can only be authored by 1 person
  • There will be selection for the public participants
If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. Good luck on preparing your papers!
For the brief format of abstract please kindly Click here

Terms, Provision, and Facilities for public:
1. Submitting an abstact
2. Pay the registration fee
3. Nationality in Asia-Pacific territory
4. Filling the registration form
1. Didn’t have a chance to presenting the paper
2. Following all the activity in APRM 2017 except RR Workshop
3. Following all rules that applied in Indonesia
4. Do not bring alcoholic drinks and/or drugs
5. Do not bring any harmful weapon
6. Do not wear shortpants in public
7. Bring collared shirt, non-slippery shoes, and trousers / long skirt
1. Room for 7 days
2. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for 7 days
3. Transportation (exclude plane/trains tickets)
4. Certificate
5. T-Shirt
6. Merchandise
7. Fieldtrip and Workshop
8. Proceeding
Registration fee for public participants :
The payment for APRM 2017 has been fixed according to country classification. You can find the country by Click here
Low Income Country 240 USD
Middle Income Country 250 USD
High Income Country 270 USD